Master Bedroom Phase 3

Our bedroom is finally starting to feel like a room that I'm happy to be in and with the recent purchase of our new mattress, I look forward to coming to bed every night. I'm so sad that I accidentally deleted the pics of my DIY Headboard building stages:( I do have pictures of the finished product though.

I got a 5/8'' thick piece of MDF at Home Depot, where they were nice enough to cut it down to size. I had it cut 76'' wide, the exact measurement of our mattress, because I knew the padding and fabric would add about an inch on either side.

I then got the thickest quilters' batting I could find at Joanne's (5 yards worth) and wrapped it around the MDF. I purchased chenille fabric to finish it off and then stapled it all on the backside with my handy staple gun. Joanne's also had a nail head trim kit (the kind that only takes a nail every 5 spaces is a huge time saver!), which I then added as well.

For more detailed directions and more pics and to check out another awesome blog, click here

Without further ado, here's my DIY upholstered headboard complete with nail head trim
Our bedroom now complete with new paint, bedding, headboard and artwork.
Close-up of the headboard
And the artwork

This is my retreat. My only complaint is that it is now that much harder to get out of bed in the morning!
Now, I'm just waiting for new furniture and trying to figure out what to put on this blank wall.
Budget Breakdown:
5/8'' thick MDF $11 Home Depot (FYI-the sheet of wood is big enough for 2 headboards)
Quilter's Batting $20 Joanne's (on sale for 40% off, bought 5 yards)
Chenille Fabric $24 Joanne's (on sale 50% off, bought 2.5 yards)
Nail head Trim kit $9 Joanne's (used 40% coupon)
Total= $64 (considering all the King sized headboards I found were $300 and up, it's a great deal)
I love the finished product! Having a peaceful master bedroom retreat to come home to is simply amazing. -s


  1. It looks really great! That would have cost you so much in a nice furniture store, I may have to try this one myself:) Oh and by the way I found your blog from the Nest

  2. Love it Suzanne! How did you end up hanging it on your wall? I want a headboard but we have our bed up against one of our windows & I just don't think it would work, otherwise I'd probably hire you out. I haven't hit that crafty phase of my life yet ;)

  3. Thanks girls! Megan, I used the metal 'legs' from our original headboard and screwed them into the back of the headboard. So, our headboard is actually just leaning against the wall with our mattress pushed up to it. This could definitely work for you. I didn't want to mount it on the wall, since we may rearrange our furniture someday.


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