Cleaning Plain & Simple

I'm an avid reader and I think I've read every design book on the bookshelves at my local library. I picked up Cleaning Plain & Simple last week and just love it. Smallin does a great job of fitting tons of interesting facts & figures in an easy to read and well organized book. I keep a pretty tidy home and feel like I have a good understanding of cleansers, laundry and general home keeping, but even I learned a ton. For example, did you know the shelf life of bleach is only 3-6 months (I did not) or it's best to keep honey bottles in a plastic bag to avoid insects invading the pantry? She breaks down how to treat ANY stain, how to handle any pest problem, how to clear clogged drains and also provides many green and non-chemical alternatives. You can purchase it on Amazon for about $11, here. The seasonal/weekly/monthly cleaning checklists are reason enough to buy it.

Here's to a clean & happy house! -S


  1. I've ordered the book! Let's just hope it helps me w/ my cleaning abilities. XoXo

  2. Yay! You'll love it I'm sure:)


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