A few of my favorite Fall things...

Now that it's officially Fall and the temperature continues to cool, I'd thought I'd share a few things that help make Fall my favorite season...

1. Pumpkin Fluff (the easiest recipe too!)
  • 1 (5ox) package instant vanilla pudding mix
  • 1 (15 oz) can solid pack pumpkin
  • 1 tsp of pumpkin pie spice (may substitute nutmeg)
  • 1 (16oz) container of Cool Whip
Mix together and chill in refrigerator before serving. Serve with graham crackers. Yum!
2. Yankee Candle tarts in Spiced Pumpkin or Autumn scents
3. My ever-so-soft microplush blanket 4. Fall Decor Of course:)

For now, I'll leave you with this gorgeous Fall scenery...


Cleaning Plain & Simple

I'm an avid reader and I think I've read every design book on the bookshelves at my local library. I picked up Cleaning Plain & Simple last week and just love it. Smallin does a great job of fitting tons of interesting facts & figures in an easy to read and well organized book. I keep a pretty tidy home and feel like I have a good understanding of cleansers, laundry and general home keeping, but even I learned a ton. For example, did you know the shelf life of bleach is only 3-6 months (I did not) or it's best to keep honey bottles in a plastic bag to avoid insects invading the pantry? She breaks down how to treat ANY stain, how to handle any pest problem, how to clear clogged drains and also provides many green and non-chemical alternatives. You can purchase it on Amazon for about $11, here. The seasonal/weekly/monthly cleaning checklists are reason enough to buy it.

Here's to a clean & happy house! -S


Master Bedroom Phase 3

Our bedroom is finally starting to feel like a room that I'm happy to be in and with the recent purchase of our new mattress, I look forward to coming to bed every night. I'm so sad that I accidentally deleted the pics of my DIY Headboard building stages:( I do have pictures of the finished product though.

I got a 5/8'' thick piece of MDF at Home Depot, where they were nice enough to cut it down to size. I had it cut 76'' wide, the exact measurement of our mattress, because I knew the padding and fabric would add about an inch on either side.

I then got the thickest quilters' batting I could find at Joanne's (5 yards worth) and wrapped it around the MDF. I purchased chenille fabric to finish it off and then stapled it all on the backside with my handy staple gun. Joanne's also had a nail head trim kit (the kind that only takes a nail every 5 spaces is a huge time saver!), which I then added as well.

For more detailed directions and more pics and to check out another awesome blog, click here

Without further ado, here's my DIY upholstered headboard complete with nail head trim
Our bedroom now complete with new paint, bedding, headboard and artwork.
Close-up of the headboard
And the artwork

This is my retreat. My only complaint is that it is now that much harder to get out of bed in the morning!
Now, I'm just waiting for new furniture and trying to figure out what to put on this blank wall.
Budget Breakdown:
5/8'' thick MDF $11 Home Depot (FYI-the sheet of wood is big enough for 2 headboards)
Quilter's Batting $20 Joanne's (on sale for 40% off, bought 5 yards)
Chenille Fabric $24 Joanne's (on sale 50% off, bought 2.5 yards)
Nail head Trim kit $9 Joanne's (used 40% coupon)
Total= $64 (considering all the King sized headboards I found were $300 and up, it's a great deal)
I love the finished product! Having a peaceful master bedroom retreat to come home to is simply amazing. -s



It's been one of those days...at least it's Friday.

I'm on the patio right now (love how far our wireless connection reaches) with J enjoying some of this-

And will soon be heading out to meet up with some of these people-

while enjoying this gorgeous image (*courtesy of HomeDesignersSoftware)

and this one- (courtesy of Habitually Chic)

And while you're at it, head to My very own Charlie is featured. He can be found here. Make sure to check out all the incredible DIY projects that are featured daily.
Have a great weekend! Happy Friday-S


New Fall Tablescape

Linking to The DIY Showoff Fall Fesitival!

The DIY Show Off

Because the weather has been unseasonably cool the past few weeks, it already feels like Fall and I'm ready to decorate. I wanted to do something different for my Fall dining room table scape this year, so I headed to Dollar Tree.

With $20 I bought all this- (6 candleholders, 6 candles, 3 mirrors, 3 ceramic pumpkins, 1 package of leaves and 1 spool of ribbon)

And turned it into this-

I layed the mirrors down, wrapped the ribbon around the base of the candleholders and spread out pumpkins, acorns and faux leaves.

It looks simply gorgeous at night.

I also added some branches in a vase on our bar cabinet for some added Fall flair.
I'm beyond happy with how it turned out and can't wait to host a dinner party and enjoy the pretty scene.
Happy Fall Y'all! -S


Bedroom Redo Phase 2

It's amazing what a difference a $25 gallon of paint can make. As much as I love the color of our master bath, I knew I wanted something a bit darker for our bedroom. I choose another greige color, about 2 shades deeper than the Valspar's Oatbran I used in there.
Before:Builder-grade SW Balsam Bark in flat finish
During: One wall complete with Sherwin Williams' Modern Beige, color matched to Kilz Eggshell premium paint. I have used every brand of paint out there and have to say that I love Kilz. It's one coat guaranteed coverage is no joke. It goes on smooth, even and gives great coverage. I'll be using only Kilz from here on out.

After: Love! The fresh, greige color brightens the room up tremendously. I wanted to create a calm, peaceful master suite and this gray color is the perfect blend of cool and warmth.

Can't wait to share pics of my new DIY headboard and artwork. Coming soon:)
love, s


100th Post

Wow, this is officially my 100th post! Seems unbelievable. I started this blog in January and have enjoyed the experience so far. It's been great way to document projects and share inspiration pics that I've collected. Starting a blog has given me the chance to connect with other fantastic and creative bloggers. I love reading all the sweet comments and emails that I've recieved from all of you out there. There's so many talented people in this world and I'm an awe of those in the blogging community who continually share their awesome projects and design tips & tricks. Hats off to you.

And now I'm happy to share Phase 1 of our bedroom redo...
Before:Full size mattress circa 1991, yes this mattress saw me through high school, college and 4 other apartments/houses that I called home post-college. Don't adjust your screen, eye glasses or head, our mattress really was that uneven and lumpy. When we started waking up with sore necks and stiff backs almost daily, we knew it was time for an upgrade.
After: Our glorious new KING sized Serta euro-top mattress. I'm officially in love.
Charlie loves it too. It's nice to have plenty of room for the 3 of us (yes, Charlie sleeps with us every night) to stretch out and be comfortable. I'm so glad we decided on the King size, it was well worth the additional cost.
I'm happy to report that I've slept well and have not woken up with sore muscles once since we got this. It's seriously life changing.
Anyone else take advantage of the Labor Day mattress sales?
Sweet Dreams-S


Bedroom Love

We're in the middle of a master bedroom redo (yay!) which includes new paint, furniture and an awesome new mattress. I'm still working on the final touches but wanted to share some of the pics that I've collected and used as my inspiration.

This is my all time favorite bedroom. I love the colors, textures, and chandelier, a perfect blend of modern clean lines and warm traditional style.

Enjoy and Sweet Dreams -s


Before & Afters Pt.2

I'm back with my sister-in-law's 2nd design redo, the great room. This room was a bit tricky because the furniture had to stay the way it was (TV wouldn't fit in opposite corner and sofa was too long for opposite wall) and the artwork above the mantel (also painted by my very talented BIL) needed to stay as well. I wanted to incorporate the browns of the photo and accessories with the black furniture. They also did not want any heavy curtains or window treatments that would block the light from the bay windows.

The Before:

The After:
New mantel accessories to go with the my BIL's artwork and carvings. Also painted this accent wall 2 shades darker to give the room more depth.

Added valances and accent pillows to add some color.

I did a long vertical photo arrangement to balance out this side of the room.

Moved the clock to this wall, where it is much more noticeable and in better scale.

I wish my pictures would have turned out clearer, it's hard to see the details. It looks great in person and I am so happy with the final result, as our the homeowners:)


My 1st Client-Pt.1

I'm very excited to announce that I have my 1st design client! (It still counts if it's a family member, right?) My lovely sister-in-law asked me to decorate their great room and office in their new construction and gorgeous home.

The plan: $400 budget and 48 hours to transform 2 rooms from blah, basic to beautiful.

First up, the office. Here's the before:
My brother-in-law is quite the artist, so his painting and carvings needed to stay. My plan was to brighten the room up as much as possible with a new wall color and showcase the wonderful bay windows.
The After:
The valances were a steal from BB&B clearance. They match the blues and greens of the paint color exactly.
Close-up of the wall color (Polished Limestone). It's a perfect blend of green and blue, which changes slightly with the light. I adore this color.

Best of all, this room was complete for less than $80 and the clients (a.k.a. my brother-in-law and sister-in-law) love it. Success!

Stay tuned for the great room reveal tomorrow! Can't wait. -love, S