Stripe Crazy

I've wanted to do something fun in our half bath for awhile now. We're lucky to have high ceilings throughout the house giving the illusion of larger rooms, but the actual bathroom is pretty small. I've been seeing a lot of horizontal stripes recently and thought it would be a good way to make the space seem visually wider.

Before: builder-basic 1/2 bath

Notice the huge, tacky white ceramic towel rod?!? Not only is it no where near the sink, it's much too cumbersome for the room.

Here we go...I definitely recommend using a clear sealant over the edges of the tape where you are going to paint. This prevents paint from seeping through the tape and gives you a clean, straight line.
The dreaded tape job...took me 4 hours and all of my sanity...
(The 2 white spots are filler in the holes from that awful towel rod.)
After: Stripes!
Notice empty wall next to the sink...
I used a door knocker that I had gotten at a Southern Living party a few months ago as a hand towel holder..
Much better.
I'm amazed at how much bigger the room seems. I'm considering going over the tan stripes with a lighter shade for less of a contrast. What do you think? Is it too much or do I just need to get used to it?Either way, I'm happy with it.

What an exhausting weekend! Off to enjoy some pizza and beer with the hubs-S


  1. I really like what you've done with your bathroom! Great paint choices! I love the door-knocker turned towel hanger as well!

  2. I'm normally not a huge fan of stripes but I love this!

  3. Fellow nestie here - Nice wow factor. I agree and would go over the tan with a lighter shade just to soften it up a bit. I admire your patience :) Side not, I love your tissue holder - where'd you get it?

  4. Fantastic job girl!! I love the change!!

  5. Hi Jenny, the tissue holder is actually another Souther Living item. I believe it was sold as a planter and it came with a smaller matching one as well.

    Thanks girls. I'm feeling better about the stripes now:)

  6. Wow! I love stripes! It looks awesome! :)

  7. Looks great Suzanne! Want to repaint one of our bedrooms? j/k but really, do you want to?

  8. Hey Megan! Actually, my sister-in-law has hired me to decorate/paint her home over Labor Day, so I am available for hire these days...you can even pay me in wine:)

  9. It looks amazing, can you come paint our nursery? :)


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