Something smells good...

Besides my addiction with all things organized, I'm also obsessed with the scent of our home. With 2 wild dogs, 1 husband who plays in 4 weekly soccer leagues and works out daily (i.e. sweaty and smelly) and 1 room upstairs that we have the vents closed off in since we don't use it much causing a stuffy environment, I'm paranoid about having a smelly house. I have quite a collection of reed diffusers, tart warmers and plug-ins (Glade, BB&W, Airwick to name a few).

My favorite of those is the Febreze Noticeables in Vanilla/Lavender scent. My hard-to-impress MIL noticed how pleasant and clean the scent was as soon as she walked in the door, which made me smile...and sigh in relief. It lasts a solid 5 weeks and is a nice, subtle scent.

However, these days I'm all about saving money and saving materials. So, I tried out a trick that I heard about on The Nest. I boiled some water on our stove and put in a few drops of an essential oil I had on hand. Our entire house smelled wonderful in no time.
I used Aveda's Peppermint oil but any scent will do. Cheap, easy and effective!

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