Secret's Out

I hate:
  • Clutter

  • Items that have no proper place

  • Disorganization

I love:

  • Clean, simple lines/rooms/counter tops

  • Putting things in there proper place

  • All things organization
I had purchased a charger station which held our Blackberry chargers, camera charger, keys and other misc. items for our kitchen counter. However, it quickly became a magnet for mail/bills/receipts/random crap. It's the big black box thing in the photo below. (I'll admit I always had to clear off the clutter before taking any photos.)

So when I came across this from Home Goods, I knew it'd help our counter-top problem area-

The perfect place for it was an area of wall space between our kitchen and formal dining room. I swapped out the random artwork for the key/mail holder...

No more running around the house like a mad woman searching for keys or shoving the pile of crap on our counter top into a random drawer whenever we have company stop by. I took the charger station upstairs where it sits on our dresser for now.

My quest for clutter-control didn't stop there. I tackled the drawers in our master bathroom. After a trip (or three) to the recycling bin, every square inch of our master bathroom is officially organized...

Before: Bathroom junk drawer
After: Drawer holding our everyday essential extras. No more digging through stuff trying to find toothpaste/shampoo/whatever when we run out.

Before: Medicine cabinet with a collection of pills dating back to 2002:
After: No more expired drugs.

It's amazing how much a little de-cluttering of the space around you can feel so good.


  1. So inspiring, I love the bill holder. Our counter top gets cluttered easily too with all of our keys, ipods, mail, etc. I have a basket sitting out there but it's not ideal.


  2. Nice decluttering!!

  3. Hey girl! Just found your blog! Great job organizing!!

  4. Hey I just came across your blog. I love this idea we've been looking for one of these for a while. Our mail and keys land on our entertainment center and on top of our canisters in the kitchen all the time and it drives me crazy.


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