Because not all home/decor improvement can be fun...

Our builder decided to place our a/c unit directly on top of the grass. We've noticed that most a/c units in new construction homes are put either on a lift-type contraption or on a block of cement. Since ours was not, grass and weeds were starting to grow up into our unit.

So, we pulled out the dying grass and weeds, put down the fabric that prevent weeds/grass from growing up, laid some mulch and finished with the brick. The best thing about it was we had leftover brick and mulch from our previous landscape project. Although this wasn't a 'fun' project, we're hoping it saves us from potential disasters with our a/c in the future.

Hoping to complete some fun d&r projects this weekend. We're also preparing for the Race for the Cure on Sunday. Hope to see my fellow Kansas Citians there!

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  1. I hate projects like that - no fun. Still...worth so much in the long run and it looks you did a great job!


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