The beginning of a transformation...

Phase 1 of our master bathroom redo is complete! The good thing about moving into a new construction home is that we don't have to do any major renovations. However, it's still a lot of work upgrading the builder basic items throughout the house.
I love the color on our walls thoughout our house (SW Balsam Bark) but the flat finish is a nightmare in a bathroom. We had water spots everywhere.
Here was our bathroom-
Step 1-Pick your paint color. I started with about 30 paint chips and gradually eliminated them throughout the week. I ended up choosing a light greige color that picked up the cool tones in our tile, Valspar Ultra Premium Oatbran in Satin finish.
Step 2- Get your supplies. I listened to YoungHouseLove's recommendation and bought the SW Premium XL Tight Spots 2'' Angle short-handled brush. It was perfect for corners and for creating an even line around the ceiling.
Step 3- Tape everything. Even with a steady hand, it's easy to get paint on trim, the ceiling etc.

step 4-Let your 1st coat completely dry before you begin the 2nd coat. (This paint looked very light when wet. The pic below shows the paint beginning to dry.)
Step 5-Remove tape as soon as you finish the 2nd coat.
I'm so happy with the new color. Our original color was quite a bit darker than the photo suggests, so the new, lighter color has really opened the space up.
I also hung a new medicine cabinet on my side of the sink and a decorative shelf on J's side-
The new cabinet allowed us to remove all the clutter from our sink area. I hate anything left out on counters (toothbrushes etc) and love having a clean, simple sink area.
Next up...framing the mirror and eventually tiling the floor. For now, I'm enjoying the new color. Amazing how a simple change can have such an impact.



Imagine my excitement this morning when I came across an email featuring 3 of my favorite things: wine, Restoration Hardware and chandeliers. How prefect would a chandelier made from wine barrels be in our dining room? How very green (i.e. recycled materials), funky and appropriate! I imagined drooling over the new RH wine barrel chandelier collection...
that is until I actually saw it. To say I was disappointed is a vast understatement:(

It just didn't live up to my dreamy expectations and the $2495 price tag?!? No thank you. Hoping that the remainder of RH's Fall 2009 collection is filled with the usual, gorgeous items that I dream about filling my home with.



My design crush has turned into a full fledged (one sided) love affair...Candace Olsen is my true designer love. I love how her designs are always gorgeous but still comfotable and liveable.

Here are a few of my favorite Candace Olsen rooms-


Clear Out

Thought I'd clear out some images that I've had saved on my laptop for quite some time. Just a nice reminder that we still have half a summer to enjoy the great outdoors!

*all images from Home Sweet Home