Let there be light, pt. 2

So, I had mentioned a big project I was going to be working on this past weekend. Well, let's just say that after a few drinks on Friday night and too much sun on Saturday, I didn't get that project finished (or even started). I did however complete 2 other small projects.

Project #1-New ceiling fan with light for our great room
Our builder put in a basic fan with no light. Seen here-
It meant that the only overhead light in the room was 1 can light...not enough.

I found this fan at Restoration Hardware (only in oil-rubbed bronze)-

but I didn't care for the $429 price tag.
So, we replaced it with this Home Depot model-

We love it. The fan is quite a bit larger than the original one (52'' versus 44'') and it's great having additional overhead lighting. Plus, it was 1/3 of the RH fan price at $150.
Project #2- New landscape lights
Here's the before pic-

After pic with new lights-
Much more noticeable difference in person. Again, we love the additional light for our walkway and front of our house.
Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather outside-S

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