I've been unhappy with our coffee table for quite some time. It matched our other furniture but was too tall and didn't make the space flow like I wanted. I knew that a glass coffee table would work much better but I didn't want to spend a few hundred bucks on a new table. I thought I'd have to live with a table I hated.

Until I found one on Craigslist for $20.

Here's a before pic with our heavy, espresso wood table-

Here's the silver framed table that I bought. It had some scratches and was filthy but overall the frame was in good shape-

I laid some tarp down and got my spray paint ready. Here's after 1 coat of flat black spray paint-

And here's the final result-

It took 3 coats of paint and a lot of Windex to get the glass to shine but I think it looks great.

Even though this table is a staggering 8 inches wider than the previous table, the low profile height and the glass top seems to take less visible space.

For less than $25 and about 45 minutes of work, I got a table that I ADORE! Just another reason to love Craigslist.




Design Sponge is one of my favorite places to browse for design inspiration. They showcase various easy DIY projects and some great photos to go along with every post. I've been searching for a unique centerpiece for our dining room table. I'm getting tired of the apothecary glass filled with faux lemons look. As I browsed Design Sponge for some ideas, I found this-

Fits all my criteria: fits in with our natural color scheme, easy, inexpensive and nothing too fancy or overdone.
The slice of wood that's featured above came from West Elm. Thanks to West Elm opening in Leawood recently, I've got one close. However, it's $29.50 and seems a bit steep to me. Anyone find something similar for less? If so, PLEASE let me know.
Here's the link to the original post-


Barbeque and Backyards

Spent the weekend consuming some of this:
and a lot of this:

Seriously, Bud Light Lime is the perfect summer beer.
We also finally got around to a little landscaping project. In the 11 months and 2 weeks that we've occupied this home (can't believe it's almost been a year!), we could not get the sod to grow evenly up against the back of our house.
This is what it looked like-

In case you were wondering, those were stakes in the photo above that we used to ensure we would keep a straight line.

So, I put J to work. (I did *try* to dig up the grass but was not strong enough to pull much up.)

Here is the area now clear of grass and ready for mulch.

Once we put some fresh soil, landscaping weed blocker fabric, mulch and bushes down, we lined the area with brick.

I'm really happy with the final result. However, the bushes are looking a little sad. They were full and beautiful when we brought them home from Home Depot but after a long lasting thunder/wind/hail storm with record wind speed, the bushes got a little beat up. I hope I can nurse them back to health soon.

We shall see.
Hope everyone had a great Monday. Love, S



Home Sweet Home

My laptop went kaput:( I've been limited to our extremely slow desktop or J's laptop when he's not already using it, so I'm a little behind.

For now, here's some eye candy from my new favorite site Home Sweet Home-

For those not familiar with Home Sweet Home, it's simply a website that post design photos frequently throughout the day. You'll find pictures of every style, room and dwelling that you can imagine. I could flip through the gorgeous photos all day.

<3 S


Let there be light, pt. 2

So, I had mentioned a big project I was going to be working on this past weekend. Well, let's just say that after a few drinks on Friday night and too much sun on Saturday, I didn't get that project finished (or even started). I did however complete 2 other small projects.

Project #1-New ceiling fan with light for our great room
Our builder put in a basic fan with no light. Seen here-
It meant that the only overhead light in the room was 1 can light...not enough.

I found this fan at Restoration Hardware (only in oil-rubbed bronze)-

but I didn't care for the $429 price tag.
So, we replaced it with this Home Depot model-

We love it. The fan is quite a bit larger than the original one (52'' versus 44'') and it's great having additional overhead lighting. Plus, it was 1/3 of the RH fan price at $150.
Project #2- New landscape lights
Here's the before pic-

After pic with new lights-
Much more noticeable difference in person. Again, we love the additional light for our walkway and front of our house.
Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather outside-S