Summer Time

Since Summer is almost here and our pool just opened (yay!), it's time to bust out the (dreaded) swimsuits and shorts. You may remember that 2009 was the year I was going to get organized. I posted pics of our master closet, but I did not include where/how I store my non-work, non-'going out' clothes. Well, here's a look into where I keep my t-shirts, shorts and other summer essentials.

First, a look (again) at our master closet...

Not bad but not huge either. So, I have to be creative with our space.
I keep our sweatshirts in plastic bins under the bed-

I have also taken over our office for additional storage.
Inside the armoire are my t-shirts and workout gear, sorted by color and style-

Inside the drawer are my swimsuits and cover ups-

And inside the closet are my dresses and skirts-
I hope that whenever we decide to have children, we have boys. There is simply not enough closet space in our house for another girl's wardrobe:)
I must say that all my organizational work this Winter was worth it. I've been able to maintain an organized closet, which makes getting ready every morning much easier.

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  1. Hi Suzanne! I love your blog...I came across it on the D&R nest board. I love your shoe organizer..where did you get it? I am looking for something just like this in my small closet:)



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