Soil and Spray Paint

As much as I love our house, I was feeling like the exterior was missing personality.
After re-mulching and adding some landscaping lights, something was still not quite right. Flowers are a great way to add some color and visual interest and I thought personalized flower pots would be a perfect accent on our porch.

I found these at Ballard Designs awhile ago, but just learned that they are no longer available :(

Through a search of Google images, I came across these-

and used that has my inspiration.

Step 1- Purchased cheap plastic flower pots and flowers.

Step 2: I used a plastic fusion spray paint to paint the planters the color I wanted (I chose a taupe-beige to match our trim). Two coats is enough to seal the pot.

Step 3: I printed off the numbers of our address and a big 'A' (for our last name) and stenciled them on the pots.

Step 4: Painted in the numbers and letter with black, acrylic paint made for the outdoors, let them dry overnight and planted my flowers.

Step 5: Step back and enjoy the cuteness.

This was SO easy and cheap. Under $35 for 4 personalized planters, soil, spray paint and pretty flowers (which were the bulk of the cost). Since the Ballard Designs monogram planter was $150, I'm pretty happy with my budget DIY version.
Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday weekend! Off to the pool and then to a friend's wedding...a perfect day!


  1. Totally stealing this idea!

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