No rest for the homeowners...

A long weekend just means another day for work around the house. We did fit in 2 bar-be-ques, a wedding and some pool time, but most of the 3 day weekend consisted of house stuff.

First, I was browsing through some boxes in our basement and pulled out this photo and frame.

Decided that some spray paint was all it needed.

A coat of high gloss brown, followed by a thin coat of matte black gives the perfect oil-rubbed bronze look.

Voila, a 'new' frame.

Then, our TV in the extra bedroom that J has coined the 'man room' went out
which meant we ended up purchasing this-

(because every bedroom needs a 42'' LCD television, right? I swear, boys and their expensive toys!) for our master bedroom and taking the tv from the master and moving it to J's room.

The pic above is what our master bedroom originally looked like. Our new TV wouldn't fit in the armoire, so we moved that into the office and are using our old tv stand from our great room until our new dresser comes in.
Then, we switched out the guest room and the man room (long story but the man room didn't have a cable cord and J wanted cable for his room).

So this-
moved into here-

and eventually became the new guest suite-

The huge, broken tv will be removed and J's paintings will be framed and hung.

We have a huge project planned for the weekend, that I'm so excited for. But for now, I'm resting my sore back (moving furniture is never fun or easy) and on my way to enjoy a much needed margarita on the patio.
Hope everyone had a lovely Memorial Day. -S


  1. Sounds like a very productive weekend... great job!

  2. Wow! Talk about squeezing a lot of stuff in! Congrats on being so motivated even with all the events you attended.


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