Last week, I mentioned ordering these Restoration Hardware curtains from Ebay.

We finally got around to hanging them yesterday and I am completely smitten with the final result.


I had resorted to the fact that even though I got a great deal on the silk drapery, I'd have to shell out $75+ for the curtain rod. I needed a rod that measured 144''. I looked everywhere and finally found the perfect one at Target. Target only had 1 rod that was the color and length that I needed and it was only $34. Score!

We hung the rod 7'' from the edge of the window and 5.5'' above the top of the window frame. I did not want to cover much of the window/day light. I just wanted to frame the windows and add some visual interest to the otherwise boring wall.

*Please excuse the poor photo quality. My treo does not take the best pictures and I have yet to replace my digital camera that was stolen/lost several weeks ago.

Since I was busy ALL day yesterday, I didn't get to acknowledge Mother's Day on here. So, a day late, here's to my mom. She passed away from cancer in November 2006. I don't think my broken heart will ever fully heal from losing her. She was my best friend and I miss her terribly.

Here we are celebrating my 19th birthday with some girlfriends in June 2002.

Here we are in the Bahamas (Nassau) Spring 2004.
'All that I am or inspire to be, is because of my angel mother.' -Abraham Lincoln

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. More pics coming soon of other weekend projects:)

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  1. I'm so sorry about your mom!! I know how it feels to lose a parent, my dad died just over 2 years go from a car accident. It's great to have the memories to keep her with you :)


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