Summer Time

Since Summer is almost here and our pool just opened (yay!), it's time to bust out the (dreaded) swimsuits and shorts. You may remember that 2009 was the year I was going to get organized. I posted pics of our master closet, but I did not include where/how I store my non-work, non-'going out' clothes. Well, here's a look into where I keep my t-shirts, shorts and other summer essentials.

First, a look (again) at our master closet...

Not bad but not huge either. So, I have to be creative with our space.
I keep our sweatshirts in plastic bins under the bed-

I have also taken over our office for additional storage.
Inside the armoire are my t-shirts and workout gear, sorted by color and style-

Inside the drawer are my swimsuits and cover ups-

And inside the closet are my dresses and skirts-
I hope that whenever we decide to have children, we have boys. There is simply not enough closet space in our house for another girl's wardrobe:)
I must say that all my organizational work this Winter was worth it. I've been able to maintain an organized closet, which makes getting ready every morning much easier.


The Garden Seat

I've been lusting over the ceramic garden stools that I've been seeing in countless design magazines and catalogs recently. Here are a few of my inspiration pics-

via Apartment Therapy

via Decor Pad

via This Young House (one of my absolute fave blogs...check it out if you haven't already. I'm in love with the cute young, thrifty and creative couple.)

However, I couldn't find one within my limited budget.

The one above found here, rings in at $145.

The Pottery Barn version is even a bit more steep at $159.
Even the few I found at Home Goods/TJ Maxx, we're $80. I was beginning to give up...
until I was browsing through Old Time Pottery and found a whole bunch for

They were obviously fairly picked over but I still found a few in colors that would work.

Ultimately, I chose the one remaining green one.

It sits next to our love seat in our great room. We will be replacing our old furniture soon, and the stool (used as a small side table) will fit perfect between the 2 chairs that I have picked out to replace the love seat.

For those of you that may not have an Old Time Pottery close by (the closest one to me is 45 minutes away), I've heard rumors that Costco has a few for $40, still a good deal in comparison to everywhere else.

I love a bargain. This made my week:)


Wordless (almost) Wednesday

A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body. -Benjamin Franklin
Print via Polyvore
'Warmth' by Volk via Art.com
Poster Via ChangeTheThought.com
*same website featuring the 'We Not Me' print from this previous post



Last week, I mentioned ordering these Restoration Hardware curtains from Ebay.

We finally got around to hanging them yesterday and I am completely smitten with the final result.


I had resorted to the fact that even though I got a great deal on the silk drapery, I'd have to shell out $75+ for the curtain rod. I needed a rod that measured 144''. I looked everywhere and finally found the perfect one at Target. Target only had 1 rod that was the color and length that I needed and it was only $34. Score!

We hung the rod 7'' from the edge of the window and 5.5'' above the top of the window frame. I did not want to cover much of the window/day light. I just wanted to frame the windows and add some visual interest to the otherwise boring wall.

*Please excuse the poor photo quality. My treo does not take the best pictures and I have yet to replace my digital camera that was stolen/lost several weeks ago.

Since I was busy ALL day yesterday, I didn't get to acknowledge Mother's Day on here. So, a day late, here's to my mom. She passed away from cancer in November 2006. I don't think my broken heart will ever fully heal from losing her. She was my best friend and I miss her terribly.

Here we are celebrating my 19th birthday with some girlfriends in June 2002.

Here we are in the Bahamas (Nassau) Spring 2004.
'All that I am or inspire to be, is because of my angel mother.' -Abraham Lincoln

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. More pics coming soon of other weekend projects:)


Milk...does a room good

I want to liven up our dining room seen here-

with something. Our whole house is fairly modern, which I love. However, I want to bring in a few traditional elements and the dining room seems to be the most appropriate room for that. Growing up, my mom always displayed her collection of vintage teacups and silver in our formal dining room. I want to do something with a collection of my own. I'm thinking milk glass may be a good starting point, as pieces can be found at thrift stores for a few dollars and it adds simple character.
Loving these milk glass displays-
(Both photos above courtesy of Eddie Ross -love that man!!!)
(courtesy of A Life's Design blog)
(courtesy of Vintage Glam blog)
(courtesy of Apartment Therapy)


Prom 2009

I think I'm finally recovered from the weekend. Friday consisted of meeting up with one of my my best friends who came in town (and a great deal of other friends) for a happy hour. Saturday was spent at a high tea bridal shower, my nephew's 5th birthday party and then straight to Prom. Yes, I said Prom. No, I'm not a a high school student or a teacher or have any connection with a high school. We were celebrating a friend's 30th birthday with a tacky 80s Prom theme.

Here are the fabulous ladies-

and a close up of McKenzie and I enjoying ourselves on the dance floor-

It was SO much fun. The dresses, the hair, the bad 80s music and the cheap booze reminiscent of our high school/college days all made for an awesome night:)

I also received a very special package in the mail on Saturday...

The Restoration Hardware Triple Stripe Silk Drapes that I ordered from Ebay. I got them in coffee but in the same style as above. They will be hung here-

in our Great Room. I think the curtains will really finish off the room. As soon as we replace the sofa and love seat, the room will be complete.
I'll post pics as soon as they are hung.
Hope you're all having a fabulous week! -S