Tackling it Tuesday

Wow, the Spring has proven to be busy thus far. With 2 bridal showers, 1 baby shower, 1 wedding, 3 birthday parties, 1 Crawl for Cancer (which I'm a team captain) and 2 visitors crashing at my house, May is going to be super crazy too. I promise to be more diligent in posting though.

For now, here's a bit of what I've been doing this past week-
Happy Hour aka Thirsty Thursdays with some of my favorite girls.

Spending time with my favorite boys too.

And of course, the DIFFA Event

As a Kansas City native, I couldn't agree more:)

This Tiffany inspired room was my favorite. Perfect for a bridal luncheon.
This was my 2nd favorite. The shades of lavender used were fresh and beautiful.
The glass centerpiece details were incredible.
How fabulous for a Sweet Sixteen or girly baby shower?
Though the real grass table runner was a festive touch. The wood place mats were as well. A perfect backdrop for a summer bar-b-que.
And some tables were out of this world, ha:)
This was one of the best events that I've attended in Kansas City. All of the 25+ tables were unique and inspiring. The food was divine, as were the martinis and wine (Saturday was a rough morning) and it's for a great cause. PLEASE look up DIFFA and see if this great event is coming to your city. I promise that you will love it!!!! George and I have already started planning a table for next year.
Hope you're enjoying the sunshine-S

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