Small changes, big impact

Take a close look at that t.v. stand...yuck! The open shelving showcased the clutter of wires from our t.v., surround sound, xbox etc. No matter how I tried to carefully organize the stack of DVDs, the whole area just looked messy.

So, I looked everywhere for a new one. My requirements were simple, it must be:
1. inexpensive, 2. espresso color and 3. able to conceal wires and general entertainment clutter.
As luck would have it, I found a perfect piece at Target for just $70.

Much better! I had purchased all of the espresso furniture for my 1st house, so that's why it doesn't match the stain of our fireplace. I'm contemplating painting our mantel to match our trim. For now, I'm happy as it is.

Hope you all enjoyed the beautiful day today. -S

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