Perfect Square

I'd been eyeing Crate & Barrel's Dubois mirrors for quite some time, but the $89.95 price for each was a little steep for me.

Don't they look gorgeous hung in a bunch over this sofa?

Luckily, the wonderful and oh so talented Mrspaz, one of my favorite Nesties, found some great knock-offs at Michael's and best of all they were on clearance. I took the last 3 remaining mirrors.

Here they are in my dining room. Best part about it was they were on clearance for $15 each. However, one of them had a very tiny crack. I asked if they would discount the damaged one. The teenage cashier said fine and actually ended up giving me a 40% discount on all three of them. So, I walked out with the 3 great mirrors for under $30.

I was really happy with them but wished that I had been able to get a 4th and hang them squarely. The space just needed something with a little more height.

As I was rummaging through some Spring decor at Old Time Pottery, I happened on a stack of the same identical mirrors! I couldn't believe my luck. I bought one and came straight home to change up the display.

*Disclaimer-I'm still camera-less, so these pics are from my camera phone. I apologize that they are not as clear. The mirrors are also straight, this pic just makes them look a tad off.
One more close up to compare:



  1. I am so jealous...I've been looking for those mirrors for months and I've had no luck. They look great and what an awesome deal you got!!


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