Let there be light

I've always loved the look of under cabinet lighting. However, there is no 'lip' on the bottom of our kitchen cabinets, meaning that any light we installed under our cabinets would be visible. So, I started researching over cabinet lighting. I didn't know much about the project but knew that I wanted to keep cost and amount of work low. After cruising the aisles at Home Depot and finding some options that were all more $ than I wanted to spend, I ended up purchasing 2 sets of rope lights for $6 each. I then took out all of the plates/cups/random items in our cabinets. Since we had no outlets on top of our cabinets, J drilled holes from the top, through each shelf and the bottom of the cabinet. I plugged in the lights and fed them up the cabinet, where the rope light lays straight across the top of the cabinet.

For under $20 and about 10 minutes of time, we have great accent lighting in the kitchen. It looks great in the evening, with the rest of the kitchen lights turned off. Please forgive my terrible cell phone pictures below-

You get the idea...

The actual rope lighting on top of the cabinet.

The only visible evidence of our over cabinet lighting.
Gotta love easy and cheap DIY projects. -S

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  1. That looks awesome, I love it!!!


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