Going Gray

Gray is often used to describe dreary winter days, dull color and otherwise boring items. However, gray can be a terrific warm neutral, allowing black or bright color to pop against it. It's also an ideal choice for any room in your home and when used correctly, it's anything but ordinary.

Living Rooms-

How terrific is the molding and light fixture in the room above? (credit RMS ColorTHEORY)

Two of my favorite design aspects-clean lines and a fabulous chandelier. (credit La Dolce Vita)

Another great chandelier and photo arrangement (credit Desire to Inspire)

(credit DecorPad)

Dining Rooms-
(credit RMS jrunde1)

Love the picture rail (credit La Dolce Vita)


(credit House Beautiful)

This room is simply perfection. (credit GrannySmithGreen)

(credit HGTV)
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. -S

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  1. Tag, u are it! Check my blog for details.

    BTW - love the last photo of the bathroom! Just gorgeous


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