Fashion Finds

For as much as I love clothes, handbags and accessories, I haven't blogged much about fashion. So, I wanted to share what I'm currently eyeing for Spring-

Forever 21 top $15.80

Forever 21 necklace just $5.80

Coach handbag $698 (Yikes) Great evening bag though.

Is there a female in America that doesn't own a Coach bag by now? I'm really over the trend, but I do happen to love these 2 new bags... just not the price tag.

Coach handbag $498 *sigh* why must I fall in love with expensive things?

Fashion Icon in the making: The First Lady

Could I love this woman any more? She wears clothes so well and always looks classy, polished but never stuffy or boring.

I've been hearing all about the 30 Day Shed from the girls on the Nest and decided to check it out. The reviews are fabulous. So, in order to prepare for Spring/Summer (i.e. smaller clothes and bikinis) I ordered my own copy for $8 and can't wait to start. Click here to order.

Happy Wednesday. -S

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