Earth Day 2009

In honor of Earth Day, I thought I'd showcase some local 'green' Kansans.

1. Dan Rockhill, founder of Studio 804
Rockhill, a professor at my Alma Mater KU, and a group of 22 design students worked to build/design a completely green space in the tornado-ridden town of Greensburg, KS. The new building not only aided in rebuilding the entire town and community, but offered an amazing example of green design at it's best.

'Constructed in seven 12-foot sections using wood salvaged from a local ammunition factory, the entire structure is encased in a curtain of donated energy-efficient glass. A 38-foot-wide hydraulic airplane-hangar door folds up so that the gallery, which has already become an essential community meeting space, can spill out into the street. Powered by a geothermal-heat pump, wind turbines, and photovoltaic cells, the building dovetails with a city-council resolution last year that all publicly funded city buildings greater than 4,000 square feet meet LEED Platinum standards.' -Stephen Zacks of Metropolis Mag

*photo credit: Studio 804
For the full story, click here. For a direct link to Studio 804's website, click here.
For an article on a different but still amazing Studio 804 project, click here.

2. Cafe Seed
A cute cafe that features a 100% vegan menu. It's located at 29th & Cherry in Kansas City, MO. The staff continue to add to an already impressive menu, providing healthy, tasty and animal product-free dishes. FYI-My friend George was really impressed with their veggie burger.
* photo credit: The Pitch
3. Elements of Green, found here.
A local company/website that provides info on green design, materials and benefits. The info on the website is thorough, detailed and easy to follow. However for more detailed info or to schedule installation etc, you can make an appointment at their office at 19th & Wyandotte.

I love how so many local companies are jumping on the green bandwagon and are working towards a better world for us and future generations. The mid-west, especially Kansas, is not really known for our green lifestyle, however thanks to the folks listed above and a great deal of many others, Kansas City is on it's way to bettering the earth.
Hope you're enjoying the beautiful earth today. -S

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