Time Machine

This has been one of the most chaotic/stressful/busy weeks that I've had in years. I'll clue you all in after this weekend:) I'd do just about anything to fast-forward the next 24 hours, as I've got a million things to do and limited time (and patience) left to do them.

What I will share with you now is this fabulous bedroom-
(Pics from RMS Nashville123)
I love the bed, the paint treatment on the walls and ceiling, the chandelier, crown molding, wood floors and general theme of the room. I could definitely snuggle up under the covers with a big glossy gossip magazine and an even bigger, juicer glass of wine:)
Happy Thursday y'all. Doubt that I'll have time to post tomorrow. *Much* craziness happening tomorrow but have a fun, safe Friday the 13th. Pics and details of tomorrow's events will be posted soon;)
Until then -S

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