Library Love

Since J is gone most nights during the week, our house is clean/organized and I'm trying not to spend any extra $, I'm always looking for cheap/free entertainment. As I started searching Amazon for a Nate Berkus design book, I decided to check out my local library first.

Not only did I find the book that I was planning on purchasing, I found dozens of others that are very informative and inspiring. I picked up these 4 books and have put about 6 more on hold. I had forgotten what a terrific resource the library can be. My fave book at the moment is House Proud by Danielle Proud (pictured above). I can't believe that I had never heard of her before. Her book is chalk full of awesome ideas and DIY projects. These are not the typical cheap-looking items or out-dated ideas, they are all very fresh and fun. I highly recommend it.

I'm feeling a little blah today, so I thought I'd add my current new fave song to liven things up. Here's Meiko-


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