It's all in the details....

This past weekend, I finally got around to some house projects that I've been thinking about for months. It's amazing how some little accents can make all the difference in a room. I hung some shelves (and when I say I, I mean my Dad) and used some pieces I had laying around the house to decorate them.
Here's the 1/2 bath pre-moving in

Here: Post move-in but still boring (notice the marble tray from last week's TJ's trip)

Now with 3 new little accent shelves-

My original plan was to hang two shelves, which I got for $2 each at a local store's going out of business sale. However, my Dad and I discovered that the stud measured 20'' from the outer wall, not the standard 16''. Argh! So, we couldn't stagger them. With the shelves now one directly under the other, I decided that an odd grouping looked better.

Love, S

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