The Great Outdoors

Since it's officially Spring (thank goodness!) and many of us are anxious to start enjoying nice weather again, I thought I'd share my favorite outdoor spaces and landscapes. I'm ready to upgrade our builder-basic landscape and am using the following images as my inspiration-

I've always dreamed of having a large porch/deck area to lounge around in.

Loving this simple space, the blue&white theme and outdoor rug.

(pic from RMS HudsonGoods)

If I was lucky enough to have a sun room, this is exactly what I'd want it to look like-

(pic from RMS DezignRouge)

How's this for a welcoming spot?
(pic from RMS DecorMania)
Love this landscaping
(pic from RMS Wendio)
(pic from RMS Mitchie91)
(pic from RMS BonBelle)

And finally, the ultimate in outdoor living-
(pic from RMS Woodaz)

On a side note- The Home Show runs from 3/26-3/29. Below is a coupon for B1,G1Free on Thrs or Fri or $2 off admission on the weekend. G and I are heading down on Thursday.

Happy Monday -S

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