It's all in the details....

This past weekend, I finally got around to some house projects that I've been thinking about for months. It's amazing how some little accents can make all the difference in a room. I hung some shelves (and when I say I, I mean my Dad) and used some pieces I had laying around the house to decorate them.
Here's the 1/2 bath pre-moving in

Here: Post move-in but still boring (notice the marble tray from last week's TJ's trip)

Now with 3 new little accent shelves-

My original plan was to hang two shelves, which I got for $2 each at a local store's going out of business sale. However, my Dad and I discovered that the stud measured 20'' from the outer wall, not the standard 16''. Argh! So, we couldn't stagger them. With the shelves now one directly under the other, I decided that an odd grouping looked better.

Love, S


Happy Spring

Happy Spring!

I'm typically not a flower-loving type of girl. I'd rather have something that lasts. However, I got these from my great aunt and they have bloomed just beautifully. Not only do the flowers look great in my kitchen, they're also a nice reminder that Spring is finally here! Enjoy -S


The Great Outdoors

Since it's officially Spring (thank goodness!) and many of us are anxious to start enjoying nice weather again, I thought I'd share my favorite outdoor spaces and landscapes. I'm ready to upgrade our builder-basic landscape and am using the following images as my inspiration-

I've always dreamed of having a large porch/deck area to lounge around in.

Loving this simple space, the blue&white theme and outdoor rug.

(pic from RMS HudsonGoods)

If I was lucky enough to have a sun room, this is exactly what I'd want it to look like-

(pic from RMS DezignRouge)

How's this for a welcoming spot?
(pic from RMS DecorMania)
Love this landscaping
(pic from RMS Wendio)
(pic from RMS Mitchie91)
(pic from RMS BonBelle)

And finally, the ultimate in outdoor living-
(pic from RMS Woodaz)

On a side note- The Home Show runs from 3/26-3/29. Below is a coupon for B1,G1Free on Thrs or Fri or $2 off admission on the weekend. G and I are heading down on Thursday.

Happy Monday -S


Library Love

Since J is gone most nights during the week, our house is clean/organized and I'm trying not to spend any extra $, I'm always looking for cheap/free entertainment. As I started searching Amazon for a Nate Berkus design book, I decided to check out my local library first.

Not only did I find the book that I was planning on purchasing, I found dozens of others that are very informative and inspiring. I picked up these 4 books and have put about 6 more on hold. I had forgotten what a terrific resource the library can be. My fave book at the moment is House Proud by Danielle Proud (pictured above). I can't believe that I had never heard of her before. Her book is chalk full of awesome ideas and DIY projects. These are not the typical cheap-looking items or out-dated ideas, they are all very fresh and fun. I highly recommend it.

I'm feeling a little blah today, so I thought I'd add my current new fave song to liven things up. Here's Meiko-



Thursdays at TJs

I haven't been spending much extra $ recently and have severely limited my trips to Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Goods and anywhere else that I've been known to cause some damage at. However, it's been so beautiful this week and I just had to get out on my lunch hour for some fresh air and as luck would have it, some stellar deals. I headed to TJ Maxx to browse their decor section and walked out with 3 great little finds.

1st up is this cute little pear- $10
They had some apples too but the pear just made my heart flutter. I knew a perfect spot for it-
I hate any clutter on my kitchen counters and only keep a *few* items out. The area next to the sink was looking bare and nothing that I had seemed to work. I think the pear is perfect and compliments our counter tops well.

2nd find: Marble tray $12.99

My camera is awful at capturing the details but the swirls in this marble are beautiful. Again I had a perfect spot in mind for this-
I'm hoping to finish up a few minor projects in our half-bath this weekend. I'll post pics as soon as it's complete. For now, the tray fits perfectly here.

3rd item: Gold, snakeskin print tray $7

I know what you're probably thinking...that's the ugliest thing I've ever seen. The shiny, bright gold makes the snakeskin pattern even more tacky, right? Well, I have big plans for this little tray. This gold nightmare is getting a makeover. Pics of the final result will be posted soon:)

Hopefully, you have all found some great finds recently too. I love browsing through Home Goods, TJs and other discount decor stores for fun, one-of-a-kind affordable pieces.


Wall Blank

I just discovered a website that features a different limited edition print everyday. It's called Wall Blank and can be found here. I particularly love today's featured piece and best of all it's only $24! So if you have an empty wall that needs *something* check out this website and I'm sure after just a few days, you'll find the perfect print.
Enjoy -S



I were enjoying one of these right now-

Instead, I'm sitting inside counting down the minutes until I start celebrating St. Patrick's Day the way it was meant to be celebrated-with friends, a big Irish meal and plenty of green all around.
In the spirit of St. Paddy's, here's some gorgeous green rooms to inspire you by:

(image courtesy of TobiFairley blog)

(courtesy of Country Living magazine)

Isn't this laundry room perfection? (image unknown...thinking Martha Stewart)

What a perfect spot for Spring luncheons. (courtesy of House Beautiful)

Very serene. (images courtesy of RMS-Belle Interiors)

Love that back splash, perfect punch of color. (courtesy of Domino)

(courtesy of House Beautiful)

(courtesy of RMS-Jode)

(courtesy of RMS-DreamySpaces)

(courtesy of Pottery Barn)
Hope you're out enjoying this beautiful Spring day.


Friday Freebie!

Go to Oprah.com to download a free copy of this-

Or try this link. It's available starting at 10am CST for 24 hours.
Here's a brief synopsis from Amazon.com -'Trusted financial coach Jean Chatzky shares the secrets her groundbreaking research of the self-made wealthy has uncovered so that anyone can break through the barriers that stand between them and true financial freedom. Through candid interviews and a study of more than five thousand people, Jean reveals the traits and habits of those who have moved from the lowest economic strata to the highest. The Difference helps you take a look at where you are now and offers simple strategies for going where you want to go. About the Author JEAN CHATZKY, award-winning journalist, bestselling author, and sought-after motivational speaker, has created a global platform that is making significant strides in helping millions of men and women battle an epidemic with devastating impact–debt. Jean is the financial editor for NBC’s Today show, a contributing editor for More Magazine, a columnist for the New York Daily News, and a contributor to The Oprah Winfrey Show. She is the author of numerous books, including Pay It Down!: From Debt to Wealth on $10 a Day, a New York Times and BusinessWeek bestseller. Her previous book, Make Money, Not Excuses, was a Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestseller.'
I'm all about learning/trying new strategies to save some $. In today's economy, no one is immune to financial stress.
Enjoy! -S


Time Machine

This has been one of the most chaotic/stressful/busy weeks that I've had in years. I'll clue you all in after this weekend:) I'd do just about anything to fast-forward the next 24 hours, as I've got a million things to do and limited time (and patience) left to do them.

What I will share with you now is this fabulous bedroom-
(Pics from RMS Nashville123)
I love the bed, the paint treatment on the walls and ceiling, the chandelier, crown molding, wood floors and general theme of the room. I could definitely snuggle up under the covers with a big glossy gossip magazine and an even bigger, juicer glass of wine:)
Happy Thursday y'all. Doubt that I'll have time to post tomorrow. *Much* craziness happening tomorrow but have a fun, safe Friday the 13th. Pics and details of tomorrow's events will be posted soon;)
Until then -S


On the hunt...

for this pendant light...

(pic from Plow&Earth)

example of one shown indoor...

(image from thenest.com)

and outdoor...

I want to get it for above our kitchen sink. We just have a builder basic (i.e. ugly and plain) glass light. I think it'd add some character to the space.

I'm in major paying off debt/savings mode, so this purchase will probably wait until Summer, but I'll continue to lust after the light until then.


Kansas City Style

A dear friend of mine George (who also serves as my therapist, fashion consultant, and cocktail buddy depending on the day) sent me a great article (found here) on a fantastic couple getting settled into a new home in KC's River Market area. George was able to see this home in person last year during Kansas City's Urban Loft Tour, which I hope to attend this year myself.

Check out the pics-
Love the fresh grey wall color.
I heart this kitchen. Perfect blend of modern industrial but still very warm. The glass tile back splash also adds the perfect amount of fun and interest to the space.
How great is this old ceiling tile that was spray painted silver?
*all photos courtesy of Ink.com
Overall, it may be a *tad* too monochromatic for my taste, but I love the simple, clean lines.
Anyone in KC interested in taking the Urban Loft Tour with me? It runs May 2nd-3rd and it's only $5. I can't wait! -S


Spring Fever Pt. 2

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome. ~Anne Bradstreet

Thankfully, the weekend was beautiful. I spent most of Saturday enjoying the day with my dad and spent Sunday doing a much needed Spring Cleaning. The past few weeks have been extra stressful to say the least (lots of works craziness right now) and I always find it therapeutic to clean and organize the house when I'm stressed. I also added a few Spring items found below-

some lemons and Easter eggs adorning the dining room table

new Easter egg wreath on the front door (courtesy of an old gift card I had).

I'm looking forward to this weekend because it's the annual Brookside St. Patrick's Day Parade. We go every year (it's where J and I met 5 years ago!).
Here I am (w/ some girlfriends) at last year's parade-

Speaking of 2008, exactly a year ago we were finishing up some house projects before putting out 1st house on the market. Our last house was pretty old (circa 1978) but most of the 'big' stuff had been replaced/fixed/updated, such as the roof, furnace, a/c etc. However, the previous owners had some crazy decorating ideas. The kitchen was originally an American flag theme. I'm a patriotic girl and all, but the neon red and blue walls, plus the flag wallpaper border were truly hideous. Our 1st weekend in the house, we painted the kitchen.
Last March, we replaced the ugly, brown vinyl floor tiles too.
We had never tiled before but thanks to a free Home Depot tile class, some YouTube video demos and help from my dad, we got the job done.

$200 and a weekend later, we had nice new ceramic tile. It made a huge difference in our kitchen and really modernized the space without too much $ or time.

We also spent hours removing wall paper border in EVERY room of the house.

My trick for removing wallpaper is to use a mix of HOT water and fabric softener in a spray bottle. It worked better than anything else we tried.

In the end, it was worth all the work. We enjoyed our 1st house for 2 years, and then were able to sell and move into a house that I truly love. Hope you all had a great weekend and got a lot accomplished. -S