Cupcakes, Chandeliers and Charlie

The lovely MrsD at Everything I Am tagged me for the letter C. See her blog post here for details.

So, here is what comes to mind with the letter C:

1. Charlie- the best and cutest dog dog ever:)

2. Cupcakes. So cute, so good!

3. Chanel (the classic hand bag) Absolutely drool worthy
4. Chandeliers. I love all kinds, especially ones found in unexpected places like a half-bath or nursery.

4. Cocktails! I'm more of a wine gal these days but one sip of a rum and diet or a long island iced tea and I'm instantly transformed back to sophomore year of college.
5. Chris Issak -Love his voice & lyrics. Wicked Game is one of my favorite songs of all time and the video is simply breathtaking.

6. And finally...Charlotte. My favorite name of all time. If I'm ever blessed with a daughter of my own, I'll name her Charlotte Sue. It's just classic, timeless, but uncommon. It works for a little girl and a grown woman. (Yes, I have a boy name picked out too:) ).

Charlotte -From WikiName
Pronunciation: shar-let, shar-lit
Meaning: petite and feminine
Related Names: Carl, Caroline, Char, Charlene, Charles, Charlita, Charlot, Charlote, Cheryl, Lottie, Sharlene, Sherry, -otte
Let me know if anyone else wants to play and I'll assign you a letter.

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