Basement Beauty

One thing J and I had to compromise on when purchasing our current house was to forego a finished basement. Our 1st house had a partial finished space that J deemed the 'man room'. Since it meant that his Xbox, video games and beer box (mini-fridge) would be hidden in the basement, I happily obliged. However, our builder wanted an obscene amount of $ to finish our current basement, so we agreed to go without for now. We'd love to finish it off in the next few years, once we have kids and need to increase our living space. Here are a few inspiration pics that I have collected so far:

My dream finished basement: The wine cellar/tasting room

Behind the glass door, is this glorious wine cellar

The homeowners used marble coasters from the vineyards they have visited as a back splash, what a fantastic, personalized touch.
*photo credit: RMS Frustrated Architect

How I *should* finish our basement: The Gym
*photo credit: RMS Frustrated Architect

J's dream finished basement: The Game Room
*photo credit: RMS Aldridge4

Best realistic inspiration for finished basement: Family Room/Den
*photo credit: RMS jlgraddy
The funky chandelier adds character to the room.

photo credit: RMS srodr1220
I love the laminate flooring.

*photo credit: RMS rdonaldThe light, airy colors and open space make you forget this is the basement.


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