1 Down, 11 To Go...

Can you believe the first month of 2009 is already over? And well, you know what that means-time for a resolutions check-in.
Let's refresh our minds (it's been a long month after all), my goals for the year are as follows:
1. start and maintain a blog (see here)
2. finish several house projects
3. take up yoga (or rather resume)
4. organization of every aspect of life (closet, desk, paperwork, etc)
5. travel to at least 3 places that I have not yet been before
6. maintain X amount of $ in savings

The results are so far, so good.
1. I've rather enjoyed blogging, it lets me track house projects that I've done, things I want to do and gives me an excuse to post pictures of the 123 images of houses/decor/inspiration that I have saved on my computer.
2. Failed miserably but in my defense, it's winter and several of the projects I want to do include landscape and paint (i.e. opening windows). I expect to pick up my slack in the Spring.
3. Ahhh....yoga. I'm taking a weekly class now that I love. My sister-in-law is taking it with me and it's a great way to relax, catch up with her and build strength. Those precious 2 hours every Wednesday have made a huge impact. I feel better, sleep better and am working muscles I didn't even know i had.
4. Pretty proud of myself for this one...by reading previous posts, you can tell I've been busy. The goal now is for me to STAY organized...updates later.
5. I've booked a trip to visit one of my favorite people in the world later this month in Seattle. I've never been before and am looking forward to getting away, catching up with Annalisa and exploring the city that I've heard so much about. A few small trips planned too but hope to rack up some more frequent flier miles later on this year.
6. Good news-haven't had to touch our savings, Bad news-haven't added much to it yet either. Crossing my fingers for a large tax return:)

Hope everyone is sticking with your own resolutions.

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  1. Here are mine, thanks for the inspiration of monthly check ins.


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