You had me at Merlot...

After the record number of layoffs announced nation-wide yesterday and the general state of the economy/housing market/job market/etc, I thought I'd do my part to contribute to the welfare of my friends. Here comes GoodCheapWine, a list of the best wines under $20.

My personal fave cheap wine is not on the list, so here is my own recommendation: Macaroni Grill's Chianti. The oversized bottle will only set you back $5. I'm known to stock up on this before any event. It may not be the *best* Chianti I've ever had but it's still pretty good and for $5, how could anyone complain. (photo:flickr)

Because I'm feeling extra generous today, I'll share the website of a friend of mine who knows his wine http://www.happywineguy.com/. He's always on the quest to find the best, inexpensive wine and so far, his recommendations have not disappointed.

In case you plan to stock up, I suggest this wine storage unit from Custom Closet Company-

how great is this? I'm thinking my pantry *needs* this.

I'm off to have a much needed glass of vino-S

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