Sayonara 2009

Haven't posted much recently but have lots of new projects lined up for 2010.

First up, I've been spending the past week celebrating the holidays,

our friends,

and life in general.

Unfortunately, our Christmas was a bit scaled back due to the 10+ inches of snow we received. So, we had to settle for enjoying all our sweet cards we received from family and friends rather than actually celebrating the day with them.

The boys loved the snow...

...our neighbors who got stuck on our street did not. You can spot J helping out some stranded folks below-

With our Christmas plans cancelled, we spent the day watching movies and enjoying some wine-

(yep, 4 bottles between the 2 of us in 1 day...desperate times call for lots of wine)

My dad surprised me with a lovely gift that's been on my wishlist for awhile. I'll be posting about it this weekend after it's installed. (hint, hint)
I finally ventured out on Sunday and picked up some things for my dining room redo. I cannot wait to get started. Here's a sneak peak-

Hope everyone has a lovely, healthy, prosperous and beautiful 2010. There's going to be lots of changes coming to SaW, and my #1 resolution is to become a better blogger! Here's to a fresh start and taking the New Year one perfectly decorated space at a time.
love, S


Centerpiece on the Cheap

I have a confession.

I put up our Christmas trees and then completely loss steam and never decorated our dining room table or mantel. Since I knew I would be hosting a cookie exchange for my Junior League girls last week, I knew I had to come up with an awesome tablescape and fast too. I hate spending a lot of money on holiday/seasonal decor since it's only up for a few weeks. So, I went shopping in our basement.

This is what I came up with-

Last year, I hit up Target's after-holiday sale and got this huge package of ornaments for $2.
I dug out some mercury glass candle holders and crystal candlestick holders and placed some ornaments on top-
I reused the DollarTree candle holder/vases from my Fall tablescape and filled them up with various ornaments-
The large box of silver goodness also came with these awesome metal icicles-
Aren't they interesting? Very modern and chic.
So, I grabbed some branches from our yard and strung away-

Here's the finished room-

I love how it came out. It doesn't get any better than $0 and just mere minutes of time.
Happy Holiday week everyone! love, S


1st Project for 2010

Does 2010 sound so incredibly futuristic to anyone else? Can't believe it's just a few weeks away. It doesn't seem possible that Y2K was 10 years ago! Anyways, I'm excited for the holidays, but I'm looking forward to January even more now that my dad has agreed to help me install wainscoting in our dining room. I'm now motivated to tackle the entire room makeover.
I'm using this as my main inspiration pic:
I just adore that wall color. I'm also thinking about hanging some decorative plates like this-
and a more dramatic chandelier like this-
I'm considering black bean (seen below) but am nervous about going so dark. Our dining room is pretty open and with the addition of the creamy wainscoting, I think we could pull it off. Besides, it's only paint right? :)
On an unrelated note, today is my Charlie's 4th birthday! I got him when he was just a few weeks old and now can't imagine life without him. Happy Birthday to the best and cutest pups in the whole world!
Hope everyone's having a fabulous week-S


2 down, 3 to go...

holiday parties that is. I just left one party and am on my way out to another but all I really want to do is stay home in my warm bed with a glass of wine and watch Elf. sigh.

Oh and listen to this-

Is that not just a gorgeous song?! I recently discovered Jim Brickman and have fallen in love. Have a wonderful weekend everyone. love, s


This sounds about right...

The only Christmas song that I want to hear on a day like this-



Something Different

I usually keep things pretty neutral when it comes to makeup and nail polish but after reading numerous beauty bloggers rave about Essie's Mint Candy Apple, I thought I'd give it a try.

The pretty Tiffany blue color was originally introduced by Chanel this Fall. It retails for $23 but sold out immediately and is hard to come by.

Then, Essie introduced Mint Candy Apple as part of their Holiday 2009 collection. It's much more affordable at $8 a bottle but I thought I could find something even cheaper.

So, I headed to Sally's Beauty Supply and found a color called For Audrey. It appears to be an exact match and only set me back $4. I put it on my nails immediately and LOVE it. It's fun, playful and festive. China Glaze is a great quality polish, so there is no worry on chipping or streaking even though it's less expensive.

Seriously, try it. The China Glaze pic looks a bit more blue in the picture than it is in real life. It's much more similar to the color of the Essie nail polish. You'll be amazed at how pretty it looks!
love, S



Despite having the past 4 glorious days of off work, I'm exhausted! I spent the past few days celebrating:

with friends in from out of town-

a friends birthday-
and a nephew's birthday and a niece's baptism (no pics of those though).

I also spent time turning this-

into this-
I put up 2 trees this year. The 1st being a traditional tree with ornaments from J's and my childhood.
Close up of my favorite ornament, an oversized diamond ring. A hand-me-down from my mom.
And turning this-
Into this-
Our 2nd more formal silver tree.

More close ups of our mantel (I'm still working on it) and our exterior lights soon.
Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. We all have a lot to be thankful for. Here's a favorite quote of giving thanks:
For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

love, S


It's beginning to look a lot like...

Ever since George and I's day trip to Weston I've been in the holiday spirit. Perhaps it was meeting Father Christmas (pictured below) or the falling leaves and temps, either way I'm ready for the holidays.

I grew up decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving with my mom, and I've maintained that tradition ever since. I've been collecting ideas for some time because I'm itching to change up our typical holiday decor. Here's a few of my favorite inspiration pics-

(above images courtesy of BH&G)

above pictures from RMS Leanne Michael Interiors

credit RMS Rwallis

credit RMS sljdesign

credit RMS Dante Flowers

credit Country Living

credit Room Envy


Small Town Escape

Saturday was the big day-
Mary Carol Garrity's Holiday Open House

The line of people stretched down the block, but it was well worth the wait. For a quick introduction of Mary Carol Garrity (my design muse), click here.

Her house was built in 1885. The entrance featured a dramatic staircase, with lots of molding and detail.

She certainly has a talent when it comes to staging artwork. Beautiful paintings and drawings filled the walls, perfectly staggered.

Her dining room was a gorgeous shade of midnight blue, which made the white crown molding and wainscoting pop.

Although this was a holiday open house, it didn't SCREAM Christmas, which was nice. Garrity threw in some natural greenery wreaths and a modest tree to complete the festive look.

Isn't the basket of wine bottles a fresh take on a formal display.

Next up, her bright and cheery family room-

This is the perfect nook. Love the pillows, the windows, the wreaths...

Love the grass cloth covered walls and warm trim of the den-
The screened patio was extra sweet;)
More pics to come of our Atchison/Weston adventure.
love, s